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Our trend trading service is for anyone and everyone with a trading account. You will benefit from our service.

  • The benefits for joining
  • Exact entry
  • Exact stops
  • Risk management-We will notify you when to move your stop
  • Learn how and why the COT report is important
  • Learn technical analysis through our weekly videos
  • CTA and Hedge Fund quality systematic model for trend trading
  • Learn to trend trade with confidence
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We follow trends, more specifically we look at futures for potential trend breakouts. Our model and method for trading and following trends is similar to top CTA’s and top hedge funds. We use a sophisticated algorithm that produces trend following trades across different markets.

Trends can last for weeks, months and even years. Our model seeks to capture 70% of major and minor trends.

Every time we enter the market we look for the possibility of a new trend to form or a continuation of the major trend to start back up. Sometimes thats not the case, false breakouts happen and its important for our stops to get hit when we are wrong. You know the old saying “let your winners run and cut your losses quick”, we live and breathe this in our approach to trend trading.

Limits? We trade with no limits. Trading with limits can limit your potential for making money. The way we get out of a trade is through stops. In the process of riding a trend, our trailing stop strategy increases our profits and protects our open trade equity. There will always be some give back of paper profits, but the trailing stop helps minimize the amount of give back. This strategy will allow us to capture up to 70% of trends we ride.

The next portion of the model is diversification. If you tried trading our model with just one market you’d probably lose. We need all markets to make money. Sometimes a few markets won’t be trending and we are getting chopped around in those markets, but other markets we trade are trending. We need to catch as many trends as possible to make up for any false breakout trades. We employ diversification when selecting trades for our members, one less thing for you to think about.

Risk and Money Management
The last part of our model is risk and money management. Every recommendation will be accompanied by a dollar amount of risk per trade. As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t risk more then 2% on any trade. With that said, you have the option of trading the mini version of the recommended futures instead based on your account size.

What to expect
Does every trade make money? No, we find our model throughout the years has a win rate of about 58-60 percent. But our average winning trade makes 3 times more then our losing trades. We believe this is an honest approach to trading, we are not like most of the other liars out there promising one thing just to get your business. Some of the greatest CTA trend following funds out have a win rate sometime as low as 30% and they still make money. How is that possible? Through diversification, risk and money management, cutting their losses quickly and letting their winners run. Trading is simple, its the overly complicated trading systems that fall short on the promise of instant winners. There is no such thing. Money is only make in outright trading when you have a trend, and no one knows when a trend will start. We have to be willing to trade every breakout to anticipate a new or a continuation of a trend. We believe this is the only way to trade trends.

Our trend trading system is almost completely stress-free. You don’t have to sit in front of your computer all day to watch charts or babysit your positions, nor do you have to wake up in the middle of the night setting trades.

Before you enter into a trade you will know your maximum risk and you can decide wether the risk is too much. That way you can take your emotion out of trading, which will make you less likely to make mistakes.

With the Trend Trading systematic model, you can keep your day job, enjoy retirement, travel and go on vacation without worries.

The Trend Trading system you don’t have to make split-second decisions and you don’t need to watch the market obsessively in order to make money.

Day trading and other forms of timing a trade is a difficult challenge. With our model you will already know where to enter the market and when to exit the market. Our strategy benefits from price fluctuations with positive volatility.

Because our system allows trends to mature, in most cases over several weeks, you will trade less often offering less commissions, less slippage and more free time.

The most successful trend following CTA’s and hedge funds utilize this strategy. Following trends have produced more millionaires and billionaires then any other trading strategy, and has for multiple decades.