Welcome to the BEST trend trading site on the internet. Thank you for taking time to look around our site and to learn more about the trend following service we offer. If you have already been trading trends with or without success and what to learn more about how to truly follow trends in futures our service will build upon your success. If you are new to trend following and what to learn more, make more money and invest like top CTA’s and hedge funds our service is right for you.

Our real-time trade alerts include almost all futures available. We follow and trade trends, that’s what we do, and we follow a sophisticated model very similar to what top CTA’s, hedge funds and large money managers have been using for decades. The same entry and exit concepts employed by some of the wealthiest traders in the world. With well-defined risk and money management that is also executed by top managers. We have simplified the process of following trends, no more guess-work.


When you become a member you will receive

  • Entry levels for both long and short trades
  • You will receive our real-time trade alerts via email 
  • Risk management with exact stop levels
  • Weekend Position update videos, we go over our open positions on Saturday, technical look at open positions and watch list potential positions
  • Money management techniques


Our Goal for YOU

We want to provide investors and traders with the best trend trading real-time alerts for Futures. Its that simple.